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We will obviously say that CampusDoctor is the best thing ever, but you don't have to take our word for it. Below you will find some of the positive comments we've received from university practices using CampusDoctor.

"This is our first year using CampusDoctor and we are very pleased."

"Overall we are extremely happy with the new registration process"

"On another note – the registration process is working very well indeed – I believe we have had around 2,000 registrations via CampusDoctor which has greatly reduced queues within the practice!"

"Just to let you know that we’re 3 weeks or so into using CampusDoctor and so far, our registration team and I are taking to it very well. Absolutely fantastic."

"Overall, it was a great success, saving us a lot of time and money. Thanks for all your help throughout the process."

"Registering … students online saved us a considerable amount of work at the surgery and reduced congestion during the first weeks of the new term."

"It is possible that some of these students would not have registered at all without this online option and would have just turned up when they became ill."

"the online registration is proving more and more popular"

"It has definitely been helpful for the practice"

"we found your service very helpful indeed"

"Thank you for setting up the service and for your helpful suggestions."

"Much easier than the written ones, as no handwriting."

"We will definitely be coming back to you … to offer this service again"

"reduces the amount of paper, toner and less waste - so saves us money"

Did the EMIS pre-registration work as well as you had hoped? "Yes, very well, time saving, efficient, less waste."

Has it reduced your workload? "Saved time, as only needed 2 admin staff to process."


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